03 January 2012

Five Christmas Road Safety Tips for Country Driving

It doesn’t matter if you’re living under the bright lights of Sydney, the sporting mecca of Melbourne, the sunny beaches of Brisbane or Gold Coast, or the picturesque landscape of Perth, Christmas is the best time of the year to get away from the hassles and complexities of daily life. No wonder, most Aussies head to the countryside to experience peace and quiet. In fact, many people venture outside the rush hour of city traffic to the laidback world of country road driving. Despite the absence of bumper-to-bumper logjam, traffic police has never stopped providing crucial Christmas road safety reminders to avoid fatal car crashes across the country’s wide-open roads.

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Many people go home to the countryside to spend time with their families and friends. During this time, there is a huge spike in the cases of country road accidents brought about by diverse causes from over fatigue to intoxication. Aside from that, bad road conditions, unfavourable weather, and reckless driving cause fatal accidents. Take time to follow these important Australia road safety tips in order to protect yourself and your passengers on the road:

Turning techniques

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Bear in mind that police and law enforcement agencies strictly enforce Australia road safety rules so it is important to observe these regulations for your own good. Make sure you know the proper turning techniques when driving on country roads. Point your wheels straight ahead when you decide to turn right across traffic. This is one way to prevent your car from being knocked into incoming traffic just when you’re hit from behind.

The dangers of overtaking

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Have you ever seen fatal car accidents? If not then you will realise that cars involved in such deadly accidents are transformed into bloody wreckage of mangled steel and dead people. Drivers need to be patient especially when driving on the road with trucks ahead of you. Never overtake speeding vehicles and big trucks if you don’t want to get in serious trouble.

Animals on the road

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Never ignore road signs where possible animal crossing happens especially on long drives on country roads from Queensland to Victoria. In fact, fatal collisions with kangaroos and other animals on the wild are accounted in most Victorian road deaths and other statistics. Don’t throw your leftover food outside so that it won’t encourage animals to venture further down the road thereby causing serious accidents.

Take much needed break

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Driving for hours on a long, winding road can be exhausting so it would be a good idea to rest your eyes and pull over. Take a cup of coffee and have a quick snack as you rest your tired eyes.

Turn on the lights

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Travelling at night can be dangerous especially if you don’t have decent head and tail lights. Make sure to avoid heavy glare on country roads because you may not able to avoid speeding trucks. Follow road safety South Australia rules when you visit Adelaide for the first time.

Source: http://www.fleetcare.com.au/go/blog/5-safety-tips-for-country-christmas-driving


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